Vocal Performance Workshops

Cafe des Voix is a performance workshop series with a goal of providing singers the opportunity to learn new songs, work with a professional accompanist and receive coaching on style, performance and delivery. An emphasis is put on working with songs from jazz, blues, Broadway and popular repertoires.

At the rehearsal the accompanist will help you work out the best key for your song and will develop an arrangement for you to sing.  You’ll be provided with a piano track to take home and practice with for each song.

Two days following the rehearsal singers will perform their songs at the “Cafe des Voix” – an informal cafe setting where family, friends and community members are invited to enjoy the music.

The Cafe des Voix process:

  1. Schedule your rehearsal (click here to book a rehearsal)
  2. Attend the rehearsal
  3. Sing at the Cafe

Performance Workshop Cost.  

  1. Cost for one half-hour rehearsal and one Cafe performance with the pianist = $20.00 per singer.
  2. Number of singers per each CDV = 8

The Voice: Cafe des Voix’s monthly newsletter.