Friday: April 22nd Concert

Tickets will be available at the door. Social distancing and masking please.

Sat, April 23rd 


Vocal Workshop I  – Introduction to Jazz Singing

·        Swing, bossa, grooves/time feels in jazz – an overview

·        Harmony basics i.e. how changing triad to chord with extensions affects what we hear and perhaps what we sing.

·        Practical application – use a song to get everyone thinking/singing in terms of what can make something become vocal jazz as opposed to Broadway song or pop song etc.

·        Communicating the lyrics/story of the song.

Cost:  $50.00.  Reserve your spot here:  https://cafedesvoix.as.me/Karin1

3:00 – 4:30pm

Vocal Workshop II  (a continuation of Vocal Workshop I) 

·        Vocal jazz tool kit– counting in a groove correctly swing, bossa, waltz etc.

·        Identifying simple intros and endings including I VI II V and vamps

·        Understanding vocal ranges, time signatures, key signatures including real book keys, transposition

Cost:  $50.00.  Reserve your spot here:  https://cafedesvoix.as.me/jazzvocals2

Sun, April 24th  



·        Duets with harmony vs duets which are mostly shared or including unison

·        Choosing key that can suit both vocalists

·        Audio examples of famous vocal duos

·        Songs ideally suited for “instant duet” singing

Cost:  $50.00.  Reserve your spot here:  https://cafedesvoix.as.me/Duets

3:00-4:30pm     Jazz Vocal Master Class

Jazz Vocal Master Class

The participant will sing their chosen song accompanied by the piano and will receive some guidance and suggestions about presenting the song in performance.

Cost:  $50.00.  Reserve your spot here:  https://cafedesvoix.as.me/masterclass

Sunday Evening: Jazz Vespers at Crescent Fort Rouge United 7:00pm

Karin Plato and Grant Simpson will be performing for the very first Crescent Fort Rouge United Jazz Vespers

Crescent Fort Rouge United Church will be starting Jazz Vespers – a long standing tradition where “Jazz meets the Spirit”

This is a service in which musicians are given the opportunity to explore their music in a setting and style outside the standard jazz club. Musicians perform songs that aren’t necessarily spiritual in nature and represent real people in real life through their music.

After the performance, Reverend Marc conducts a reflection that puts a spiritual lens over the musician’s performance.